Authentic Christianity VOL 4
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Authentic Christianity VOL 4

AUTHOR: D. Martyn Lloyd-Jones

Why should readers in the twenty-first century concern themselves with preaching from the first century? Are there not many more pressing topics to concern them than a long address given by a Jewish Christian to the leaders of his nation in Jerusalem? Dr Martyn Lloyd-Jones was convinced that time spent in the early chapters of Acts, ‘to discover how the church started and what her message was at the beginning’, was well spent.

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He shows that we cannot understand the gospel, or even our own history, without understanding the events narrated in Acts 7. There would be no gospel if ‘the God of glory’ had not ‘appeared to Abraham’. These stirring sermons confront the reader with the mighty purpose of God as it unfolded in Old Testament history, and particularly with the central focus and fulfilment of it all, Jesus of Nazareth, the Son of God.

Authentic Christianity, Volume 4 consists of twenty evangelistic sermons preached in Westminster Chapel on Sunday evenings between October 1966 and February 1967. In them all, Dr Lloyd-Jones directs his hearers away from the bankruptcy and confusion of modern thought to the only source of hope for his or any generation, the unchanging ‘gospel of God, concerning His Son, Jesus Christ our Lord’.